Educational resources for you and for your patients 


These tools can be downloaded to help you and your patients and their caregivers understanding the child’s symptoms, frequency and impact on behavior at home, school or in social situations

BEARS Sleep Screening Tool

This 5-item screening tool was designed to address the most common sleep issues in toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children. It incorporates bedtime issues, daytime sleepiness, awakenings, regularity of sleep/wake and snoring. If difficulties are reported in ≥2 domains, further assessment is required.

It may help you in screening insomnia in your patients. It can either be completed by your patient’s caregiver prior to the first consultation or discussed with you during the visit.

BEARS sleep screening tool

Sleep Diary

The attached Core Sleep Diary is a standardized checklist that will allow the caregiver discuss with you what insomnia symptoms their child is experiencing and their frequency.  

You may want to share with them the Sleep Diary and ask them to complete it so they can provide you with as detailed description of the symptoms at the first visit and during follow-up visits, to assess the child progress with treatment. 

Sleep Diary

Sleep Hygiene Guide

In order to help the child sleep longer, a relaxing bedroom environment, a consistent sleep routine and some lifestyle changes should be made. 

You may want to provide your patient with “Parent’s Guide for Sleep Improvement in Children with ASD” created by Autism Speaks.

Sleep Hygiene Guide