Why Slenyto® ?

Dosing and Administration

Only Slenyto® offers an easy to swallow minitablet that is designed specifically to address the main concern of children with ASD and insomnia

Making the Most of Slenyto®:

Right dose, 30-60 minutes before bed, every night

Slenyto® is available in two dosage forms:


1 mg prolonged-release pink melatonin 3mm diameter tablets 

5 mg prolonged-release orange melatonin 3mm diameter tablets


1 mg

5 mg


1 cm

Taking Slenyto is Easy


Easy to swallow minitablet


Slenyto® should be taken daily, at night, 30-60 minutes before bedtime


May be taken with a glass of water. Alternatively it may be put into food such as yogurt, orange juice or ice-cream to help with swallowing

  • Slenyto® should be taken as soon as the tablet is out of  the blister pack 

  • It should not be crushed or chewed

  • If the child misses a dose of Slenyto®, it could be taken before they go to sleep that night.

Dosing Options


2mg (2x1mg)

5mg (1x5mg)

10mg (2x5mg)

  • Recommended starting dose of Slenyto® is 2mg

  • Dose should be increased to 5mg or 10mg  according to individual response

  • After at least 3 months of treatment, the physician should evaluate Slenyto® treatment effect.

  • The patient should be monitored at regular intervals (at least every 6 months) to check that Slenyto® is still the most appropriate treatment. 

  • Doctor may consider stopping if no clinically relevant treatment effect is seen. If a lower treatment effect is seen after titration to a higher dose, the prescriber should first consider a down-titration to a lower dose before deciding on a complete discontinuation of treatment.


The full list of excipients is available in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

* Minitablets shown are not in actual size.

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