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Dosing and Administration


Only Slenyto® offers an easy to swallow minitablet that is designed specifically to address the main concern of children with ASD and insomnia

Making the Most of Slenyto®:

Right dose, 30-60 minutes before bed, every night

Slenyto® is available in two dosage forms:


1 mg prolonged-release pink melatonin 3mm diameter tablets 

5 mg prolonged-release orange melatonin 3mm diameter tablets


1 mg

5 mg

Slenyto 1 mg minitablet
Slenyto 5mg mintablet


1 cm

Taking Slenyto is Easy

Slenyto is easy to swallow mintablet
Slenyto is easy to swallow mintablet


Easy to swallow minitablet

Slenyto should be taken daily, at night.


Should be taken daily, at night, 30-60 minutes before bedtime

Slenyto may be taken with a glass of water, yogurt, orange juice or ice-cream.


May be taken with a glass of water. Alternatively it may be put into food such as yogurt, orange juice or ice-cream to help with swallowing

  • Slenyto® should be taken as soon as the tablet is out of  the blister pack 

  • It should not be crushed or chewed

  • If the child misses a dose of Slenyto®, it could be taken before they go to sleep that night.

Dosing Options


Slenyto 1 mg mintablet
Slenyto 1 mg mintablet

2mg (2x1mg)

Slenyto 5 mg mintablet

5mg (1x5mg)

Slenyto 5 mg mintablet
Slenyto 5 mg mintablet

10mg (2x5mg)

  • Recommended starting dose of Slenyto® is 2mg

  • Dose should be increased to 5mg or 10mg  according to individual response

  • After at least 3 months of treatment, the physician should evaluate Slenyto® treatment effect.

  • The patient should be monitored at regular intervals (at least every 6 months) to check that Slenyto® is still the most appropriate treatment. 

  • Doctor may consider stopping if no clinically relevant treatment effect is seen. If a lower treatment effect is seen after titration to a higher dose, the prescriber should first consider a down-titration to a lower dose before deciding on a complete discontinuation of treatment.

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The full list of excipients is available in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

* Minitablets shown are not in actual size.

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