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Treatment Management


Dose optimization 

Once you have decided to prescribe Slenyto®, a personalized titration to optimal dose is needed. Slenyto® dose can be escalated every 2-4 weeks and is driven by the need to attain treatment success according to insomnia treatment goals:  
- Sleep onset latency < 30 minutes.
- Longest (uninterrupted) sleep episode > 6 hours.
- Total sleep time - according to sleep recommendations by age.

Slenyto® dose is individual and not age and/or weight dependent.

Use the following simple treatment algorithm to optimize Slenyto® dosing for your patient. 

Algorythm finall.png

Treatment evaluation

It is crucial for you as clinician to assure treatment effectiveness and optimal outcomes. The structured treatment evaluation tool and treatment goals developed by leading KOLs in the field allow you exactly that.

The attached questionnaire evaluating the child’s sleep parameters along with a personalized evaluation of behavioral features and parents' satisfaction. It can optionally be filled by the parent and have defined treatment goals* to enable treatment optimization by the clinician.

Treatment evaluation tool and treatment goals.png

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